vehicle traffic The Top Five Sights To See In Santa Monica



The Top Five Sights To See In Santa Monica

#1 The Third Street Promenade
This street was closed many years ago due to high volume vehicle traffic. It is now lined with a range of many different shops. You can find clothing stores, specialty shops, gift shops, book stores, coffee shops and restaurants on the promenade. As you walk down third street you can view a variety of performances - some amazing and some just plain unusual. No matter what you see or do on the promenade, it will be highly entertaining.
#2 Main Street Santa Monica
Just South of the Santa Monica pier is Main street which houses a collection of boutiques, shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is one of the most popular spots for foodies and shoppers alike. There is a Santa Monica Big Blue Bus which will connect you to the Third Street Promenade as well as Main Street in Santa Monica.
#3 Montana Ave
If you are looking for upscale boutiques with the latest fashion trends then Montana Avenue is the place to be. It is home to many high end shops that contain fashion, furniture, gifts and accessories. This tree lined street is quite charming and is highly frequented by many of Hollywoods elite.
#4 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica Place Mall is home to many high quality stores such as Nordstrom's, Coach, Bloomingdales and Burberry. It has been recently renovated, adding on a third floor roof which holds an outdoor restaurant patio to cater to the swanky. It is conveniently located at the very end of the Third Street Promenade. The malls parking structure is a great place to park your car for the day if you plan on visiting all of the sites. It is perfected located in the middle of them.
#5 Venice Beach Boardwalk
There are many different activities to enjoy on the Venice Boardwalk. One can shop, or view art and performances or simply lay on the beach. It is located only two miles from the Santa Monica pier. Along the board walk you will view Chess Park, Muscle Beach, Casa del Mar Hotel and many interesting pedestrians. Not to mention you don't have to walk the boardwalk - many people ride bikes or roller blades. Many restrooms are located along the board walk making the trip very convenient. If you plan to take a trip here do so in the day time while the board walk is alive with people and fun activities. During the night time it is not very lit. Travel over to Santa Monica during the evening where the fun will never end.

JiraffeRestaurant - The Third Street Promenade

JiraffeRestaurant - The Third Street Promenade

Main Street Santa Monica JiraffeRestaurant

Main Street Santa Monica - JiraffeRestaurant

Montana Avenue JiraffeRestaurant

Montana Avenue - JiraffeRestaurant

Santa Monica Place JiraffeRestaurant

Santa Monica Place -JiraffeRestaurant

Jirafferestaurant Venice Beach Boardwalk

Jirafferestaurant - Venice Beach Boardwalk