Restaurant Etiquette

Dining out in a restaurant even though it is going to be informal meeting with close friends or relatives still requires following social standards and restaurant etiquette in particular. To remind about proper etiquette while dining out we zeroed in typical mistakes some people can make. So let's take a closer look at behavior which is considered to be rude while eating out at a restaurant. Below are the things you should never do while dining out.

JiraffeRestaurant - The Proper Etiquette at The Table

JiraffeRestaurant - The Proper Etiquette at The Table

Don't Talk over the Phone
Guests are rightfully irritated when the host's phone is always ringing or lights up with a text message while at the table. And this concerns everyone, from the bosses to maintenance staff. A guest feels annoyed when the host keeps checking his e-mail or taking over the phone.

The Host Shouldn't Finish First
If you've invited a group of friends at a restaurant, you, as the host, shouldn't finish the meal first. So consider pacing yourself to be the last one to finish each course. You can also ask the waiter not to collect everyone else's plates until the last one is finished.

Don't Reach across the Table
When you need to share what you've ordered or taste-test your friend's dish there is a polite way to do it. Instead of putting your fork into your friend's dish just ask him to put some food on his bread plate and pass it to you.

Don't Let the Kids Run Wild
No one even those who have kids of their own likes to have their meal interrupted by children run wild. Keep in mind that guests with older kids should be responsible for their actions. Out-of-control children not only can spoil party's good time, but also present potential danger for the staff. The children may be right underfoot when the waiter is bringing food and beverages.

Don't Stiff the Waiter because You Didn't Like the Food
The bulk of waiter's earnings comes from tips, not an hourly wage. It's not the waiter's fault if the food was not tasty. The job of the waiter is to be knowledgeable about the menu and serve your order. If you are dissatisfied with something just say it right away and let the waiter handle the problem. Don't wait until the bill is brought to tip the waiter less than he or she really deserves.

Don't Raise Your Hand to Get Your Server's Attention
Waiters are typically good at reading your nonverbal clues to understand that you need something.

Don't Modify the Menu Much
While it's OK to have some special requests about your order don't stray too far from the menu. After all, the menu was made by a professional chef who created the food he wants you to savor. With too many modifications it's going to be your personal menu but not the restaurant's one. In case you have some serious allergy to common foods or ingredients, consider calling in advance to let the restaurant know.

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